Below are two excerpts. The first is from Father Thomas Keatings's message to his community after 9/11. The second is from his book Open Mind, Open Heart.

  • A Message from Fr. Thomas Keating after 9/11
    Some wounds are so deep there can be no immediate relief, no consolation; there may even be an ocean of grief extending in every direction and apparently endless. In some way, all suffering is in God. Thus, our pain is God's pain and that means that in due time it will become life-giving and healing in the very measure of its intensity. Listening to the Spirit in silent prayer is key to knowing what to do. Action is most effective when it comes from that place.
  • From Open Mind, Open Heart
    Above all . . . silent prayer binds the community
    in a common search for transformation
    and union with God.
    The presence of Christ is ministered to each other
    and becomes tangible in the community."
    — Guidelines for Christian Growth and Transformation #22