Here is a list of the many spiritual teachers quoted on this episode of Spiritual Literacy. Listed are the author, the title of the reading, the original source of the reading, and the page in Spiritual Literacy (SL) or another book where you will find it.

Henry Burton: Pass It On

Various Voices: K Is for Kindness

Maxine F. Dennis: The Supermarket Cashier from Of Human Hands, edited by Gregory F. Augustine Pierce, p. 318, SL

Joyce Rupp: The Depressed Minister from Little Pieces of Light, p. 336, SL

Scott Russell Sanders: Helping the Birds Make a Home from Writing from the Center, p. 190, SL

Nancy Burke: A Child's Kindness to a Cancer Patient from Meditations for Health, p. 336, SL

Tom Cornell: A Diamond for a Poor Woman quoted in Dorothy Day by Robert Ellsberg, p. 352, SL

Jack Kornfield and Christina Feldman: The Example of the Fox and the Tiger from Soul Food, p. 54

Literature of the Kabbalah: Be Good to All Creatures

Issa: Please Move, Cricket from The Essential Haiku, p. 203, SL

Sufi Story: The Ants in the Cardamom Seeds quoted in Breakfast at the Victory by James Carse, p. 190, SL

Fulton Sheen: St. Rose of Lima's Favorite Pet from From the Angel's Blackboard, p. 91

Joseph Bruchac: Grampa Rescues Toads from Entering Onondaga, p. 209, SL

Megan McKenna: Fig Trees for the Future from Parables, p. 490, SL

David K. Reynolds: Courtesy to a Door and a Faucet from Thirsty, Swimming in the Lake, p. 113, SL

Bob Libby: Beach Maggie's Mission from Grace Happens, p. 341, SL

John Fox: When Someone Deeply Listens from Finding What You Didn't Lose, p. 454, SL

Jeff Friedman: Holding a Dying Stranger from Wrestling with the Angel, by Jack Riemer, p. 401, SL

Nancy Willard: Kindness to the Dead from Sister Water, p. 404, SL

Megan McKenna: The Blacksmith and the Angel from Parables, p. 331, SL