• "Even though I'm a 'spiritual' writer, I'm skeptical about 'spiritual' music and video productions. But this series is a truly a gem. It is intelligent, beautiful, and original. You can use it for information and meditation. You can teach with it and give it to a friend who is sick or depressed. You can use it as a model for expressing your own creativity. Or, you can simply enjoy it."
    — Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul and Dark Nights of the Soul
  • "The Spiritual Literacy DVDs are great meditation pieces, valuable private reflection guides, and excellent faith-sharing guides. Their simplicity makes them highly usable for people of all backgrounds. My hope is that a universe of discourse might emerge out of these programs that give all of us another way to view the world."
    — Sister Joan Chittister

  • "These collections of readings are beautiful meditations on life as a spiritual path."
    — Sharon Salzberg, Buddhist teacher
  • "In these extraordinary and beautifully rendered video-experiences, the seeker is led through the dimensions of religious awakening. The segments instruct, chasten, inspire, and evoke the Nameless One."
    — Rabbi Lawrence Kushner