Brother Lawrence fine-tuned the French preference for "the practice of simple regard." This momentary glance of simple regard is noticing God looking at me! He recommends using our own words in our conversation with God, letting whatever comes to our mind be the response: "Lord, bless my work!"

This kind of presence doesn't need a cell, a shrine, or a sanctuary. We make our hearts a prayer room into which we retire from time to time to converse with him gently, humbly, and lovingly. "One way to call your mind easily back to God during your prayer times and to hold it more steady is not to let it take much flight during the day. You must keep it strictly in the presence of God." As we become used to doing this over and over, it is easier to remain at peace during our prayer times, or at least to recall our mind from its wanderings.

Mary Margaret Funk in Tools Matter for Practicing the Spiritual Life