Therefore we welcome
everything and everyone
without distinction.

Perhaps it would help to distinguish between "welcoming" and "enjoying." No one wants the difficult, unpleasant, and painful parts of life. But when, despite our efforts to prevent them they arise, well . . . here they are. No need to pretend to enjoy them, or to approve of them. Perhaps we could just be willing to accept them as part of "what is" at the moment, and therefore to lessen the psychic energy spent trying to constrict and squeeze them out.

• Notice the elements of your life that are "not welcome" at the moment. Sometimes this "not welcome" feeling is associated with a tightness and tension in the belly, chest, shoulders, or forehead. Without pushing away your feelings, can you soften this tension just a bit?

Welcoming everything . . . misery departs.

William Martin in A Path and a Practice