We can reawaken our own faculty of noticing the world by seeing it through the eyes of our children. We drive to work the same route everyday and see nothing. But if we bring a child in the car, that child can fix on something wonderful. As often as not, it is children who carry out the advice of naturalist John Burroughs: "If you wish to see something new, take the same walk you took yesterday." We can take the same walk, and if we only pay attention each time, the world will present a new angle of it's familiar dress.

Noticing God's World. This exercise is a familiar one — a nature walk. But it does not have to be done in the forest. You can walk around any neighborhood, or even in your backyard. You are looking for wonders that God has created. It could be insects, grass, stones — anything. Do not forget that children are a couple of feet closer to the ground and they may naturally notice things that we have long since literally "outgrown."

A companion to this is to keep a "wonder table." That is a place where children can display wonders they have found like pinecones, seashells, or birds' nests. Feel the depth of the natural awe for these everyday wonders.

David J. Wolpe in Teaching Your Children About God by David J, Wolpe