Worry, excitement, anticipation, dread, desire — all of these are the contents of our thoughts about tomorrow. In a word: fantasy. Tomorrow, after all, does not yet exist. How can we think about it other than to fantasize what it will be? But are we really open to tomorrow as it will be, rather than as we dream it to be?

Try an exercise:

Quiet your mind by whatever means is familiar to you. Silence, along with attention to your breathing, is always a good, simple choice. As you do so, try to empty your mind of the concerns that weigh on you. Watch them, let them go by, and let yourself become detached from them. Do the same with thoughts, ideas, and plans. Let your mind become as empty as it can, without straining. Turn your attention now toward the future. As you sit quietly, you may want to open your hands, turning the palms upward, remaining in silence. The open palms indicate your acceptance. Whatever will come, you will receive it. Whatever happens tomorrow, there you will look to find God's presence. "Seek God's face always," says the psalmist. Always, in whatever happens.

Arthur Green in Ehyeh: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow