There is a power in kneeling to pray. It is not easily described and is better experienced. When I pray on my knees, I feel an inexpressible sense of belonging to the Divine that I don't sense when I am standing in prayer or sitting in prayer. I feel more power in my prayers when I am on my knees. Kneeling in prayer seems to create an automatic response of willingness and trust, a kind of outward expression of an inward attitude of trust and willingness, and this receptivity is all that Spirit needs to minister to us in every needed way. There is something about being on our knees that releases us from the pressure of having to know the answer and be in control. I have gotten on my knees in the most unlikely places — in my office or in the ladies' room — to ask for God's help. Holy people across faith traditions have been known to pray on their knees. Try it and see if it helps you.

Sharon Connors in Adventures in Prayer