In the fast pace of today's world there is a growing need to reconnect to the sacred elements of life. An altar can fulfill this need through being a powerful visible representation of the spiritual energy that surrounds and sustains us. It serves as a kind of reminder of our connection to spiritual realms. Creating and using an altar can be an effective means of forging a connection to higher powers. A home shrine can be a gateway between the seen and unseen realms which can connect us to the rhythms of nature and the universe. This can help infuse the most ordinary aspects of life with a divine sense of meaning. The physical form of an altar reminds us of the importance of honoring the hallowed places within ourselves; it is also a focus for prayers to the spiritual forces that shape our lives.

An altar dedicated to increasing your spiritual awareness can become an energetic point of convergence for symbols that propel the human spirit forward. It can bring a remarkable grace and beauty into your life. This type of altar can be used in three ways. It can be used as a place to pray and ask for divine guidance, a place to listen to messages from the spiritual realm and a place to give thanks for blessings received.

Denise Linn in Altars