When you are unable to get to sleep, get up and lie down on the floor. You may use a blanket to keep you warm. Feel how long it takes before your body begins to feel uncomfortable. What part of you begins to ache first? As you experience the growing discomfort, think how good it will feel to get back into your bed. Do not allow yourself to return to the comfort of the mattress until you absolutely cannot take any more discomfort.

When you must get up, turn on a flashlight and write down the parts of your body that ache the most and are most relieved to get off the floor. After each body part you name, write, "Thank you, Jesus. I rejoice in getting up." Go to bed thinking only of those parts of your body and rejoicing with the words, "Thank you." Imagine they will go to sleep in a happy way, even if the rest of you is not appreciative. Lie there reflecting on a body that is already happy with how certain parts feel.

Bradford Keeney in Shamanic Christianity