Think of all those around the world who are dying in hospitals right now. Then imagine that you yourself are on your deathbed. You are about to lose all you have gathered through a lifetime of effort. You can't take any of it with you. Your friends and family surround you, but no matter how much you love or are attached to them, in a few moments you will never see them again. Imagine your terror. Then let your mind rest.

Next, bring your attention back to the present circumstances. You are not dying in this moment or losing those you love. You are not starving or about to be killed. Appreciate your good fortune. Again, let the mind rest.

Then resolve to do what you can to reduce the suffering of others. Let the mind rest. Pray that you will accomplish this, and again let the mind rest.

Repeat this process as you imagine different circumstances in which others are suffering.

Chagdud Tulku in Change of Heart by Lama Shenpen Drolma, ed.