We enter the wisdom circle [or other small group dialogue] with a commitment to explore our basic inquiry: How can we continue to survive, dream, hope, and carry on in this time of change and transformation? How can we release rigid patterns of thinking and broaden our perspective? Let’s set aside philosophical debate and listen to each other with an open heart. Let’s begin by asking provocative questions, questions that push us to reconsider the values and assumptions upon which we base our lives.

[Follow the Wisdom Circle Process or other collaborative dialogue process, using the following questions:]

- In what ways are we humans alike? How do we differ from one another?

- What is a basic assumption you hold about why things are the way they are?

- What types of people do you feel superior to? inferior to?

- How is daily life different for the person who gets up every morning feeling part of the ‘majority’ of his or her society, as opposed to someone who gets up every day feeling stereotyped or marginalized by that society? Which person do you identify with?

- What does "honoring cultural diversity" mean to you?

- What attitudes toward people from other races or ethnic groups did you inherit from your parents and other ancestors? (This question, which has provoked many healing discussions among people from different races, was given to us by author Nancy Thompson.)

Charles Garfield, Cindy Spring, Sedona Cahill in Wisdom Circles