Each of us is unique, and the differences in your children or your lover or your best friend make the world a much richer place. Although we know this, it is sometimes hard to put it into practice. When you honor another’s path, however, you can honor where they are and honor your own journey at the same time. In this way, we develop more respect for the other’s path and we can share those lessons that we learn along the way with more understanding.

Here is an exercise to help. Take a few deep breaths as you sit comfortably. Visualize yourself being in a bubble of colorful light. Now see your child or mate in their bubble. It will have its own color, shape, and size. See the bubbles as distinct and different. Let your wonder and childlike curiosity observe the differences and appreciate them. Do not try to change or manipulate their bubble in anyway. When you have completed, thank them and release them, coming back into your bubble, into your breath, and into your heart, returning with full consciousness.

Robin Hereens Lysne in Sacred Living