Worship with the World: Share spiritual community and broaden your world by attending services at a church, synagogue, or temple of a faith other than your own.

Open Eyes with Arts: Attend a play, listen to music, or go to a dance performance by artists whose race or ethnicity is different from your own.

Collect Tolerance Tips: Visit tolerance.org and order or download the site's free information sources: "101 Tools for Tolerance," "10 Ways to Fight Hate," "10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus," and "Responding to Hate at School."

Engage in International Commerce: Shop at ethnic grocery stores, specialty markets, and other minority-owned businesses. Get to know the owners. Ask about their family histories.

Give Words Weight: Speak up when you hear slurs. When someone asks if you're offended by racial or ethnic jokes, say "yes." If someone tells such a joke or makes similar comments at a social gathering, explain that you prefer not to hear those types of remarks. Deliver your response with a light touch so that the speaker can recover with dignity intact. If he or she persists, consider leaving the room.

Expand Entertainment Horizons: Read a book or watch a movie about another culture.

Set a Special Table: Host a potluck dinner featuring authentic recipes from another culture. If you can, include authentic table settings and serving traditions.

Adopt a Global Perspective: Watch or listen to the BBC or other international broadcasters' news for a less U.S.-centered perspective of world events. (Check your TV and radio listings for stations and times.)"

Karen M. Jones in The Difference a Day Makes: 365 Ways to Change Your World in Just 24 Hours