"I knew of a famous person in Taiwan who was married to an attractive young woman. Once she ran off to Hong Kong with an American. Some urged him to take action against her, but he said, 'No, there is no need. If she really loves this American, then she should be with him. If she eventually decides that I'm not a bad person and comes back, then it means that she still cares for me and she should be with me. If the American really cares for her, then she must be a loving person. In that case I was not wrong in believing she was so.' Some time later his wife came back, and he hosted a huge dinner to celebrate her return. He said to his friends, 'This marriage is like a diamond. It's unbreakable and will never go bad.' "

To Practice: Try practicing equanimity this week by letting go of your attempts to control people or situations.

Master Sheng-yen in Complete Enlightenment: Zen Comments on the Sutra of Complete Enlightenment