When we align ourselves with the primary action of each season, we can harness the energy that permeates the natural world and, thus, facilitate our own transitions. With each season, take time to journal on the following questions:

  • During autumn, as you witness the falling of leaves, I invite you to open to the energy of shedding and ask yourself, "What is it time to let go of?"
  • In winter, as you watch the stillness settle over the land and notice the hibernation of your own soul, you can ask, "What arises in quiet and solitude?"
  • In spring, the literal and metaphoric seeds that lay dormant for several months tentatively poke their heads through the warming earth, then burst into full bloom, and you can ask, "What is ready to be born?"
  • And in summer, as you celebrate the fruits of your labor and enjoy the days of water and sunshine, you can ask yourself, "What is it time to celebrate?"
Sheryl Paul in The Wisdom of Anxiety