One form listening might take is the practice of the reflective pause. In the midst of the day, prompt yourself to take sixty seconds to breathe slowly and reflect. It's not a complicated technology but a daily practice. Ask your own set of questions that will help you reflect on what is going on around you. "What am I feeling about the day so far?" "I wonder if God has something for me to hear or see today." "Where do I sense there is something for me to see, hear or do that seems to come from God?" My own practice is to start the day at my desk with a moment for reflective pause. Before I jump into morning emails, my to-do list and every other list, I take a moment to listen. You might call it prayer, but I ask God to help me listen for his voice in the work that is on my desk and that will come. I ask God to help me pay attention to people, scheduled events and interruptions.

The practice of the reflective pause is possible in the daily rhythms of our lives — just a moment for reflection. What have I heard in the last hours of my busy today? That's it. Listening is response to the already active presence of God. If that's true at all, then God has been active in the day already.

Keith Anderson in A Spirituality of Listening: Living What We Hear