• At the beginning of the day, pose these questions to yourself: What does longing for compassion look like in my life? How does my longing for compassion feel?
  • Draw your attention toward this longing as you go through your day and acknowledge God's presence there.
  • Throughout the day, where do you notice longing for compassion? What do you notice about it? When does it show up most easily? Most frequently? What sparks it? What events, people, moments, situations, contexts awaken it? What sustains this longing? What inhibits it?
  • At the end of the day, review. Notice where longing for compassion has appeared. You may ask yourself: Where, how, when did I least experience longing in this day? Where, how, when did I most experience longing in this day?
  • Write a statement, reflection, or prayer that expresses what has arisen for you in this time.
Andrew Dreitcer in Living Compassion