Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

Scott Russell Sanders in Staying Put Mystery is not much in favor
Surya Das in Awakening the Buddhist Heart In Tibet every monk, nun or lama begins...
Philip Kapleau in 365 Zen To truly practice Zen
Joan Chittister in The Friendship of Women A reflection on the role of acceptance in friendship
Thich Nhat Hanh in Stepping into Freedom Water flows over these hands
Lewis B. Smedes in Choices I am personally thankful that we live together
Elizabeth West in Happiness Here and Now The eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth
Dale Turner in Different Seasons On Toscanini's eightieth birthday, someone asked
Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village Chanting and Recitation Book Don't put anything else into your mouth
Rainer Maria Rilke in Work of the eyes is done
Naomi Levy in To Begin Again There is a Jewish tradition
Regina Sara Ryan in The Woman Awake A woman awake -- a woman with
Barbara Kingsolver in High Tide in Tuscon A great many people will live out
Julian of Norwich in Silent Hope Not only great and noble things
Robert Frager in Love Is the Wine Names of holy beings are followed by an honorific name
Brian L. in Meeting Wisdom Character defects you see in others often mirror your own.
Pema Chodron in Buddhist Acts of Compassion Loving-kindness for oneself is the golden key
Macrina Wiederkehr in Gold in Your Memories That field of buttercups was the lap of God
Reuben Welch in The Body Broken What people really need
Robert Frager in The Wisdom of Islam If you put the world between you and God