Recent Spiritual Practices of the Day

Corrine McLaughlin, Gordon Davidson in Spiritual Politics Today's headlines, viewed with the right consciousness
Mariana Caplan in The Way of Failure "Bad" situations in life
Joseph Telushkin in Jewish Wisdom It is not in our power to explain
Kat Duff in The Alchemy of Illness My body has taught me many things
Joseph Telushkin in The Book of Jewish Values My wife and I periodically try to engage
Diana Eck in God at 2000 When we take off our shoes
Abraham Joshua Heschel in God in Search of Man There is the grain of the prophet
Robert A. Johnson, Jerry Ruhl in Contentment The origin of the phrase to saunter
Shaun McNiff in Earth Angels It is often the apparently inconsequential action
Ramon Lull in God Hunger Tell us, Lover! Do you possess riches?
David Steindl-Rast in I Will Not Die an Unlived Life The antidote to exhaustion may not be
Nilton Bonder in Working on God A hasid complains to his rebbe
Thich Nhat Hanh in Love in Action Things can sometimes go more smoothly
Caroline W. Casey in Making the Gods Work for You At least if you're failing, you know
Rav Kook in Meetings with the Archangel It is our right to hate the actions
Gershon Schwartz, Michael Katz in Swimming in the Sea of Talmud Upon seeing someone of exceptional ugliness
G. K. Chesterton in Different Seasons You say grace before meals
Leonardo Boff in The Prayer of St. Francis This attitude of reverence and affection
Margaret Guenther in My Soul in Silence Waits Julian of Norwich talks of putting on God
Jelaluddin Rumi in The Rumi Collection That which God said to the rose
RIchard of St. Vicar in Son of Man The soul that has not been practiced
Sakya Pandita in Gems of Wisdom from the Seventh Dalai Lama When you have nothing meaningful to say