How to fly is not the problem,
For we all know how to fly.
Just flap your arms,
Lift your head,
And think happy thoughts,
Soaring above the mountain tops,
Crisp breeze in your hair.

What we are scared of is falling.
Crashing down towards the earth,
Life slipping out
From underneath us.
Instead of thinking happy thoughts,
We just think about falling,
Plummeting down to the earth itself,
Never knowing how to fly.

But think about soaring,
High up, into the sky,
And not about falling.
That is how you

Originally published in KidSpirit Online for the Fear and Anxiety issue.

Laila Brewer was 12 years old and in sixth grade when she wrote this poem. She lives in Yarmouth, Maine. Laila is an identical twin who enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and playing soccer and volleyball.

Photo by Caroline Carter, age 12.