There is something belligerent inherent in our culture that makes us regard others as enemies, as pagans, kaffirs, infidels, and such. It is not by chance that Western civilization has developed its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, immense both in its efficiency and in quantity. . . .

Forgiveness, reconciliation, ongoing dialogue, lead to peace, a peace that is a way forward, not backward, for any return to a status-quo ante is a pipe dream. In order to forgive, to dialogue, to establish reconciliation one needs a strength beyond the mechanical order of action and reaction. One needs the Holy Spirit, karuna, charis, and love realized as being the pillars of the universe.

To save humanity we have to become Human.

Raimon Panikkar, What Does It Mean To Be Human? by Frederick Franck, Janis Roze, Richard Connolly