My heart is bursting with joy in this moment.
When I feel the glory of God beside me, I feel blessed.
When I see the wonder of God's creations, I feel loved.
When I hear the sound of God's whisper in my ear, I slow down.
When I know how close I am to God, I stop the world.
In this place of silence, I listen and hear my heartbeat.
In each beat, I sense the tenderness that went into creating me.
In that delicate fabric of life, I feel honored to live upon the Earth.

Breathe deeply, inhaling the joy of God. As you exhale, see golden sparkles of joy surrounding you, As these sparkles of heavenly delight dance around you, feel your heart swelling with uncontainable joy as you say the following prayer: "Dear God, I see the same cloth of your creation in all my brothers and sisters. I see the same love, patience, and kindness dwelling within all humanity. I now know that we are all one and the same creation of God. I lay down my judgments and embrace my brothers and sisters in love. I felt the same love you created in me touch the same love in all others. In love, peace, we embrace as one. Joy eternal becomes me, joy present becomes me. Amen."

Vicky Thompson, Life-Changing Affirmations