Try to imagine yourself actually being another person, especially someone you find objectionable. Imagine yourself in their body and try to get in touch with their posture and how they feel physically. Then try to get in touch with what this other person thinks.

An actor may be given the role of playing a pompous king, although he himself is a humble person. In order to play the part, the actor would have to step into the king's body, taking the posture of the king, then trying to think like a king and feel like a king. When he could totally, as it were, become that embodiment, the audience would believe in him as the king. This is like external considering.

The more fully you can use external considering, the more impact it will have, especially in producing a more balanced effect in your life. Using this tool will begin to erase the oppositional perspective the "me-versus-them" viewpoint. The division between you and others will fade somewhat because you will be able to more fully experience other people.

Peter Rhodes, Observing Spirit