The Valley of Achor was situated near Jericho.
It was a dangerous place, filled with snakes, scorpions, and all kinds of wild beasts;
it was a place of fear that people tried to avoid. Yet God declares that this valley of misfortune will become a door of hope.
What a mystery; a mystery filled with hope!

There is a "Valley of Achor" in each one of us;
for each of us there are events or hurts we do not want to remember, look at or come close to; there are people and experiences that we try to avoid
because they bring up too much pain in us
and we are frightened by pain.
Certain people disturb us; they are "strange", "different";
we cannot bear their pain or the pain they evoke in us.
Yet God tells us that if we enter into these places of pain and welcome these people
they will become for us a "door of hope".

Jean Vanier in Befriending the Stranger