If a person does not know the meaning of gratitude, then he or she is deficient in his or her heart and not wealthy at all. If a person knows what it means to be grateful, he or she will find wealth. In order to live a life of abundance, we must treasure good connections and count our blessings. We must return every favor that has been bestowed upon us. We must find some way to express our gratitude to those who have helped us in one way or another. If we can be grateful at all times, we can transform the bad into the good; we can turn a bad situation into something better.

Therefore, gratitude is the best medicine for hatred and jealousy. It is the best way to eradicate defilement and discord. Not only will it improve personal character, it can also change one's disposition and bring happiness and harmony to our everyday lives.

Master Hsing Yun, Let Go, Move On by Master Hsing Yun, Miao Hsi, translator, Cherry Lai, translator