Thanksgiving For Age

Blessed One, long-companion on my way:

my bones creak your praise,
my back (slowly) straightens to do your honor,
I rise (gradually) from my bed

to do your will on this day.

If I finish fewer tasks,

may they be done with greater love.

If I remember fewer things,

may they be held in greater wisdom.

If I act more slowly,

may I give life greater attention.

Bless me through the changes
and accidents of time.
Uphold me through the wearing down
and wearing out of my parts.
Give me the gifts of love and good humor
to pass along to others.
Forgive me my frustrations and my fears,
my cussed independence and my pride.
Do not let the complaints of my body
shrink my care for your world.

Lend me grace at every stage and at every age
to enjoy some part of this marvelous gift of life

and always to give you thanks.

Jennifer M. Phillips, Simple Prayers for Complicated Lives