Once a dervish (or Sufi teacher) was walking down the road with one of his disciples. Suddenly a man with a scowl on his face came barreling down the road. Rather than walk around the dervish, the scowling man simply shoved the dervish aside, causing the dervish to fall in a ditch. His disciple helped him out. When the dervish was back on his feet, he cried out after the scowling man, now far ahead of him, '"May all good things happen to you, so that you are fully content."

The disciple was shocked. "Why do you wish this man well," he said, "when he was so nasty to you?"

The dervish replied, "If he is fully content, he won't be so mean anymore to others. Don't you want that to happen?"

Lama Surya Das, Buddha Is as Buddha Does