I know something about this myself, living as I do half with the established church and half with those who possess nothing, half with Christians and half with Hindus — a very uncomfortable situation, believe me! It is here that I find your point about the "bridge" very illuminating. It is precisely the fact of being a bridge that makes this uncomfortable situation worthwhile. The world, at every level, needs such bridges. If, to be a Hindu with Hindus, I had become a complete sannyasi, I would have been unable to communicate either the Hindu message to Christians or the Christian message to Hindus. . . . However, the danger of this life as a "bridge" is that we run the risk of not belonging finally to either side; whereas, however harrowing it may be, our duty is precisely to belong wholly to both sides. This is only possible in the mystery of God.

Swami Abhishiktananda, Swami Abhishiktananda: Essential Writings by Swami Abhishiktananda, Shirley Du Boulay, editor