Procrastination is a love affair with tomorrow, which is that golden day when we will change, pray more, read, fix the back door, play with the children, or take the our wife out to dinner. Procrastination is not a virtue; it is a form of being asleep. Patience is vigilant waiting, a waiting that is full, pregnant with dreams, hopes, ideas, and with peace. Such a waiting is not resignation, as when we resign ourselves to the fates. Patience is loving and dynamic surrender. In Islam, this type of patient surrender is expressed in the term Inshallah which means "God willing."

Such a surrender is possible when we have the awareness that our life is part of a cosmic interlocking system which is itself composed of countless other systems. Such patient waiting can be a consciousness that we are not in control; we are not a king or a god. Patience is a sign that our needs (at this very moment) must be balanced with the needs and lives of others. Waiting for anyone or anything is a prayer of communion with the rest of the cosmos. As such, it is always a prayer of humility and truth.

Edward Hays, Pray All Ways