I'm not convinced it's necessary to choose one body language for your spiritual self-expression, any more than you would want to confine yourself to the same set of words over and over again. I feel comforted and nurtured praying in my lovely bath, but I also like to stand and pray — it reminds me that God's image lives in me, and I am strong and joyous. And I also like to kneel, to enact with my body the humility a human being feels when she is confronted with the awesomeness of the divine mystery and power. And the hands? Wide open to embrace God? Folded in quiet contemplation? Lightly cupped, to catch a blessing from heaven? Or, as mine so often are, wet with sweet-smelling water from my healing bath? They all sound good to me. I'll have one of each.

Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, Meditations on the Book of Psalms by Barbara Cawthorn Crafton