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The Way of Mercy A rich collection of essays on mercy by leading Christian writers.
Thomas Merton quoted in The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia God must be allowed
The Way of Mercy Sidney Callahan on the place of the spiritual works of mercy in our life together.
The Way of Mercy Sidney Callahan on how spiritual works of mercy enable us to see each other through stress and broaden our life in community.
The Way of Mercy A top-drawer collection of essays and meditations on mercy.
The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia An invaluable resource on the life and writings of the great Trappist monk and pathfinder.
The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia Patrick F. O'Connell on Thomas Merton's take on the heart, or on kindness.
Thomas Merton A timely passage about the need for peacemaking to begin in our own lives.
Thomas Merton Wise words on contemplation, compassion, and unity in this collection of his essential writings.