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The Soul of Leadership A presentation of the essentials of visionary leadership.
Why Is God Laughing? Deepak Chopra on letting go and allowing grace.
The Shadow Effect Different perspectives and prescriptions from three bestselling spiritual writers on dealing with our shadows.
Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul The poet-prophet of alternative medicine's primer on the spiritual practice of transformation.
The Book of Secrets Deepak Chopra on getting joyful by getting a larger perspective.
Why Is God Laughing? A parable about a comedian and his spiritual journey that serves to illustrate the path to joy and optimism.
The Third Jesus Presents The Third Jesus as an enlightened teacher of God-consciousness and personal transformation.
Power, Freedom, and Grace A summing up of Vedanta philosophy on the path of happiness.
Kama Sutra Conveys the beauty of the human body and the manifold delights that accompany the sacred dimensions of sex.
Peace Is the Way Debunks the myths that make war so addictive and suggests ways to practice peace everyday.