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Entering the Castle Uses Teresa of Avila's The Interior Castle as a launch pad for becoming mystics without monasteries who yearn to connect with God.
Archetypes Caroline Myss on archetypes as impersonal patterns of consciousness that form the essence of human nature.
Channeling Grace A tribute to the force field of grace in our lives and in a weary and war-torn world.
Why People Don't Heal and How They Can Using her model of the seven centers of spiritual and physical power, the author outlines the ways illness can become a catalyst to transformation.
Archetypes Explorations of 10 seminal archetypes that can serve as guides to buried aspects of yourself and play a decisive role in your self-transformation.
Invisible Acts of Power A timely work on the ways in which we use our energy and the immense benefits that accrue from generosity, kindness, and compassion.
Anatomy of the Spirit Caroline Myss on how our bodies are energy fields that transmit and communicate messages to others.
Your Power to Create Discussion of ideas on how we can create their own reality in health to finances to relationships.
Kahlil Gibran in Invisible Acts of Power Your neighbor is your other self
Healing Cards A 50-card deck and booklet presenting teachings from the world's wisdom traditions.