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No Problem A handy and thought-provoking spiritual formation resource.
Streams of Contentment Robert J. Wicks on re-evaluating your comparisons with others.
Streams of Contentment An exploration of paths and practices leading to contentment.
Prayerfulness On not trying to understand, control, judge, or compare what you experience in prayer.
Prayerfulness An explorationof the challenges of spiritual intimacy and prayer.
Sharing Wisdom Wisdom about asking the most helpful questions.
Crossing the Desert Presents the wisdom of the fourth-century Desert Fathers and Mothers as a source of guidance and inspiration for twenty-first century Christians.
Riding the Dragon A nurturing book aimed at professional caregivers who serve others.
Availability Robert J. Wicks on entering loving relationships.
A Circle of Friends Robert J. Wicks and Robert M. Hamma on cheerleaders as a model for enthusiastic friends.