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Love the World A prayer to love and care for all the creation.
Earth Teach Me A Lakota prayer for the wisdom of the earth.
My Words A breath prayer for sending an email or text.
A Winter Prayer A prayer to see God in everyone we meet and to serve them accordingly.
Walk for the Glory of God A spiritual practice from the Brussat's "Summertime and Living Takes Practice."
Dua Arafah The extraordinarily beautiful and lengthy supplication Imam al-Husayn offered on the Day of Arafah.
Tawba A practice for accepting our mistakes and moving through them to God's forgiveness, mercy, and truth.
Mid-Sha’ban Supplication A special invocation for the night of Mid-Sha'ban.
Salawat A prayer for blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad.
The Outcast A prayer by Walter Rauschenbusch for immigrants.