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Give Others the Benefit of the Doubt A prompt to allow for better understanding.
Spiritual Generosity A daily question for cultivating the best in yourself and others.
Feeling Empathy for Fellow Human Beings Guidance for developing a key skill in emotional intelligence.
Amaze Your Friends and Confound Your Enemies Ideas for enhancing your personal fulfillment.
Being Kindness A meditation on kindness as your natural state of being.
Arriving at Effortless Generosity Wisdom about embodying the four qualities of mature compassion.
Compassionately Relieving Pain and Lovingly Giving Happiness Advice and practices for living with compassionate equanimity.
Cultivating Presence and Radical Simplicity Advice on how to stay centered, caring, and present.
Imagining Our Way to Empathy Guidance for establishing empathy in a relationship.
Celebrating the Difference You’ve Made in Each Other’s Lives A meditation, ritual, and blessing for the angels in our lives.