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Pentecost Several ideas for celebrating Pentecost.
Rosary Prayer Instructions for using the rosary.
Passion: A Ritual of Pleasure Michael Davis on why true passion depends on really being present.
Chores: A Ritual of Completion Michael Davis on being present while doing chores.
Reminders Jack Kornfield's recommendation to follow the example of the Babemba tribe's forgiveness ritual.
Hanukkah Ways to celebrate Hanukkah and the sacred importance of light.
Mystery A liturgy affirming that we are one with the One who is Mystery.
Plant Spirit Apprenticeship A process from shaman Eliot Cowan for opening to a plant spirit first outdoors and then through a dream state.
Send-Off A ritual for someone who is going off to college.
Honey Jar How to make a Honey Jar as a gratitude practice.