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Saving Mr. Banks Entertaining story of the tenderizing of a critical and persnickety writer.
Footnote A morality drama about Talmudic studies, ambition, a father-son struggle, and the quest for recognition.
White God A poignant Hungarian parable about the terrible things that can happen when there is no reverence for dogs as fellow companions.
For A Woman A historical drama pieced together when two sisters discover things they didn't know about their parents' life in post-World War II France.
Love Battles (Mes séances de lutte) A French film about a couple unaware of kiss and make up, who try more violent strategies to bridge their differences.
Off-White Lies An Israeli drama about a father-daughter reunion that is twisted by lies and high expectations.
The Disciple Touching portrait of an aspiring singer of Indian classical music and his journey to master his art.
Like Father, Like Son An appealing Japanese film about the slow and surprising transformation of a self-absorbed father and distant father.
In Our Nature A drama filled with the same kind of emotional fireworks that animate the gripping familial interactions in works by Arthur Miller and Eugene O'Neill.
The Groomsmen A graceful exploration of the primal emotions that emerge when four thirtysomething long-time friends gather for a wedding.