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Tending Life's Garden Master Hsing Yun on cultivating, calming, and using our tangled, tarnished minds.
The Naked Now Richard Rohr's list of the qualities of a joyful mind.
Beauty and the Soul Piero Ferrucci on how to make the experience of beauty more likely and more meaningful.
Buddhist Wisdom Quotations from the Buddha on the mind, suffering, kindness, compassion, the fragrance of good actions, and many other subjects.
The Three Faces of Mind Explains the ten intelligences we possess.
Owning Your Own Shadow Probes this subject with imagination and poise.
Standing on My Head Tailor-made for inner space travelers.
Zen Wisdom A beautiful collection of quotations which convey the Zen spirit of wit, paradox, indirection, and mindfulness.
The Eye of Spirit Applies his spectrum of consciousness model to several fields of study.
Living Compassion Instructions for the compassion practice of Taking the Other's Pulse: Offering Compassion to the Other.