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Vivekananda, World Teacher Swami Adiswarananda on all peoples being a part of the Divine.
The Myth of Religious Superiority Seventeen essays by religious scholars defending pluralism and spiritual hospitality.
God on Your Own Reveals openness and hospitality as two keys to the challenge of being a true spiritual seeker.
Light from the East A handy compendium of wisdom from Eastern religions and philosophies.
The Living Way Twenty-seven stories from the life and ministry of this Shinto priest.
Religion and the Spiritual in Carl Jung Examines the interface between these two fields of study.
A Buddhist Spectrum Articles exploring the special connections and parallels between these two traditions.
What Matters A wonderful and thought-provoking collection of quotations and reflections by this Renaissance artist, sculptor, writer, and visionary.
Fire from Heaven Profiles the fastest growing Christian movement on earth and challenges us to think about the future of religion.
We Walk the Path Together Lifts up and celebrates the common ideas and spiritual practices of the contemporary Zen master and the medieval Christian mystic.