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Othello A mesmerizing screen version of Shakespeare's drama that gets high marks for its memorable delineation of the red-hot heart of jealousy.
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet A fast-paced and juiced-up version of this classic drama.
A Midwinter's Tale A bittersweet portrait of the trials and surprising rewards that come with being part of a theatre company.
A Streetcar Named Desire A prime example of American theatre at its best.
Much Ado About Nothing Inventively celebrates the sense of heightened vitality which is at the core of all Shakespeare's comedies.
Heights Drama about five New York City denizens yearning for love who reveal they have not learned the abc's of emotional literacy.
Working on the Inside A creative and soulful paperback about practices actors use to make their vocation more meaningful.
Hamlet Mesmerizing screen interpretation of a vigorous man of action who sets out to accomplish his mission with firm resolve.
Moliere A funny, witty, bright, and well-acted costume drama about a fictional turning point in the life of the famous French playwright Moliere.
This So-Called Disaster: Sam Shepard Directs "The Late Henry Moss" An engaging behind-the-scenes look at playful creativity.
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