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Speaking of Faith Krista Tippett on how the passion for beauty is at the core of human religious experience.
Divine Love A scholarly collection of eight essays by respected religious writers on the meanings and manifestations of divine love.
A Christian Theology of Religions Defends pluralism as a viable and flexible stance for a believer in these times.
The Meaning of Life in the World Religions Contains sixteen essays on the multiple meanings in religion.
The Enlightened Mind Contains discourses, sermons, essays, and aphorisms from the essential teachings of the great religious traditions.
Buddhism Reveals this commentator as a spiritual trickster whose enthusiasm for religion is contagious.
The World's Religions A substantive, wide-ranging, and completely accessible guide to the wisdom traditions.
A Dome of Many Colors An erudite collection of essays.
The Illustrated Book of Sacred Scriptures Presents common understandings of the world's religions.
Domestic Religion Examines the rituals and values that command the broadest consensus in our society.