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Like Father, Like Son
An appealing Japanese film about the slow and surprising transformation of a self-absorbed father and distant father.
A powerful film on how a creative little girl in the oppressive Saudi Arabian society expresses her rebelliousness and tries to fulfill her dreams.
Hannah Arendt
An engrossing drama about the controversial comments by the philosopher Hannah Arendt on the Adolf Eichmann trial in 1962 in Israel.
Paradise: Love
An engrossing and creative Austrian film about the yearnings of a lonely middle-aged woman seeking adventure at a vacation resort in Kenya.
The Attack
An engrossing and rounded look at the religious, political, and cultural factors behind Arab-Israeli enmity in the Middle East.
An authentic study of the loneliness of a closeted gay man and his struggle to break free from this prison.
All Together
A French dramady about five friends who discover the advantages and challenges to communal living.
The Girl from Nowhere
A lonely old man is revitalized by a homeless young woman who becomes his muse, his editor, and his angel.
Holy Motors
An out-of-the-box French sci-fi flick about role-playing, power, death, city life, dreams, limos, the virtual world, and anything else you want it to be about.
The Salt of Life (Gianni e le donne)
An extraordinary and universal Italian film about a 60-year-old man's mid-life crisis and the sapping of his spirit.