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Peacemaking A guided meditation for fostering peace with a person with whom you are in conflict.
Receptive Listening A daily practice to be fully present and listen wholeheartedly.
The Wallet Reminder Thich Nhat Hanh with a calming spiritual practice to tame anger.
A Blessing A blessing for happiness and well-being.
Developing Empathy Daniel Goleman on the Dalai Lama's comments about the importance of empathy as a spiritual practice.
Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Gandhi and Lassie A teaching story and advice on how to make sound decisions.
Blessing for Loved Ones A blessing for those you love.
Teaching the Spiritual ABC's Ways to pass spiritual practices on to your children.
The One Good Thing Encouragement to share at least one upbeat memory with your loved ones whenever you connect.
Stand There A prayer exercise for visualizing healing and peace for someone with whom you are having difficulty.