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Beatrice Bruteau A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Beatrice Bruteau, a Christian philosopher and pioneer of interspirituality.
Radical Optimism Beatrice Bruteau on becoming aware of the role of our imagination in our everyday inner life.
The Holy Thursday Revolution On the human beings' urge to be like God in being creative and generous.
Jesus through Jewish Eyes Rami M. Shapiro's challenge for us to see Jesus afresh.
The Holy Thursday Revolution Presents the two teaching events of Holy Thursday -- Footwashing and Holy Communion -- as entry gates into a new way of living and loving in a world of domination, power, and separation.
What We Can Learn from the East Explores ways in which Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religious traditions can enrich Christianity.
What We Can Learn from the East A tale of wisdom found in unexpected, everyday places.
God's Ecstasy Encouragement to feel at home in the universe and study its marvels.
The Easter Mysteries A story about our unlimited capacity for happiness.
Jesus through Jewish Eyes A salutary anthology of essays by Jewish rabbis, scholars, and laypersons on the teacher from Nazareth.