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The Best Spiritual Books of 2023 Our roundup of the best books of the year.
Skating on Thin Ice Teachings on the path of self-realization based on personal experiences and spiritual practices.
Meister Eckhart’s Book of Darkness & Light Re-voicings as poetry of the key themes and unconventional understandings in Meister Eckhart’s thought.
The Mysterion A masterwork on the Sufi worldview as taught by Rumi and practiced through everyday spirituality.
The Eloquence of Silence Forty stories and thoughts from many sources plus commentaries illuminating the value of emptiness in daily life.
Sit in the Sun A human’s observations of his cats’ behaviors that can be seen as spiritual practices.
Stuck? Resources That Speak to Your Condition
Surviving Storms A multidimensional overview of the storms in our time and the spiritual practices and attitudes needed to help us face them.
Living a Committed Life An inspiring map to discovering the meaning and purpose of your life.
Bored? Resources That Speak to Your Condition