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Walking on Water Keen insights illustrated by stories on a wide variety of spiritual topics.
Wellsprings Spiritual exercises from the inimitable Catholic scout and interspiritual pioneer.
One Minute Wisdom Wisdom as reading the book that is you.
One Minute Wisdom Over 200 short teaching stories that serve as good medicine for the soul.
Awakening Anthony de Mello's exploration of the spiritual path through stories, parables, and proverbs.
Rediscovering Life A life-transforming book about freedom, contentment, and fearlessness.
Rediscovering Life Anthony de Mello on how contentment comes by letting go of that which we don't need.
The Way to Love Thirty-one meditations on the way to love, peace, joy and openness.
Taking Flight 259 stories which offer a course in enlightenment.
Seek God Everywhere Anthony de Mello on how contemplation and action go together in the spiritual life.