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Byron Katie A profile with bibliography and distinctive spiritual teachings of Byron Katie, developer of the method of self-interrogation and realization called The Work.
A Mind at Home with Itself An exploration of the Inquiry method and its relevance to generosity, bowing, and everyday spirituality.
A Mind at Home with Itself Byron Katie's personal reflection on what love is within a marriage.
The Four Questions A retelling of the folktale Chicken Little to teach children the Work, a method of spiritual inquiry into thoughts and emotional responses.
A Thousand Names for Joy Byron Katie on having a flexible and open mind.
A Friendly Universe Catchy phrases about waking up to reality from the teachings of The Work.
Question Your Thinking, Change the World Byron Katie on why we don't need anyone to complete ourselves.
Loving What Is Byron Katie on the danger of operating on thoughts or theories that we convince oursevles are true.
Question Your Thinking, Change the World A collection of key quotations from Byron Katie's teachings on the process of self-inquiry she calls The Work.
A Thousand Names for Joy A commentary that uses the Tao Te Ching as a launch pad for musings on the experience of being human in our times.