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Mank A look at the influence of power and money in 1930s Hollywood through the eyes of a talented but blocked and addicted writer.
Looking for a Lady with Fangs and a Moustache Lessons in paying attention for a young Tibetan convinced he's dying unless he can find the sacred feminine in the world around him.
Land A soulful and empowering portrait of grief.
Little Fish A love story set during a pandemic that reminds us of the importance of memories.
Hemingway A fascinating documentary on the life of the writer, revealing character qualities we connect to spiritual practices.
The Social Dilemma Explanations and predictions from some of the creators of social media about the consequences of our growing dependence upon digital communications.
My Octopus Teacher A documentary illustrating the spiritual practice of reverence by a diver observing an octopus for a year.
Minari A touching slice-of-life story of a Korean-American family trying to create their own version of the American Dream.
Roadkill A political thriller that raises questions about our tolerance for corruption.
Soul An animated masterpiece about a soul's adventure that will get you thinking and talking about the life and the afterlife, your passions and purpose, and the spark that sets it all going.
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