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Barbie A sassy comedy that raises questions for people of all ages about what it means to frame your life as a quest.
Oppenheimer An intense, inventively filmed, and well-acted biopicture about the kinds of events that are hard on the heart.
Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant A riveting war story that reveals the bonds that build between soldiers and interpreters
Full Time A realistic drama about a single mother coping with a possible job change amidst a transit strike.
Master Gardener Story of the transformation of a former White Supremacist through his work in a garden.
Asteroid City A play within a film about learning to see the world and all its surprises with wide-awake eyes.
Showing Up A thoughtful drama about the importance of the practice of attention in an artist's life.
You Hurt My Feelings An insightful comedy about the epidemic of lying and the lack of trust afoot on all levels of society.
Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret An enchanting dramady about an eleven-year old girl dealing with her changing body and her curiosity about religion.
The Diplomat An eight-part series revealing the multiple challenges faced by a woman ambassador.